About Us

Unearth The Truth About The Press

Why Worm Press? Why worms? We could tell you the whole thing is a metaphor, an allegory, or some kind of statement, but we’ll be honest with you: we just really, really like worms.

(We like snails too. We consider them our partners-in-slime.)

As for the press? We’re a team of fools, nerds, and foolish nerds with Thoughts and Opinions and occasionally Ideas. Sometimes a tweet simply doesn’t have enough characters to do justice to our emotions (Thread. 1/398). Thankfully, Twitter is not the entire internet. So instead of playing by other people’s rules we’ve squirmed through the wires to create our own small, slimy corner of the internet.  So we can do our own small, slimy thing.

But, you ask, what is “our thing”?  We’re not entirely sure, but the one thing we can tell you is that “our thing” is not Content.  It’s taken as gospel at this point that Content is king and honestly—you’ve got us there. Not because we should be beholden to it, but because kings are conventional and overbearing and represent one (1) viewpoint. That viewpoint is not our viewpoint.

So, we did the only reasonable thing and declared Culture and Content dead.


We don’t feel comfortable calling Worm Press culture, but we may be ǝɹnʇlnɔ, or perhaps ~culture. We’ll be honest, the only truth underlying this whole project is that we like worms.  As long as the centre holds, we’ll continue wriggling around, making trouble and making the content we want to see, writing the thinkpieces we think the world both needs and deserves.

Find us in the underground here on Worm Press, responding to Culture and Criticism with our very best apathy and doing “our thing” (we might call it wormpunk. It’s a work in progress).  Even if Worm Press doesn’t directly touch your part of the web, we like to think we’ve broken the soil up just enough to help you cultivate a better internet experience for yourself.

So maybe it was a metaphor after all.